Camouflage PE Braided Fishing Line (Saltwater & Freshwater) - 4 Strands

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New Camouflage Blue and Green lines are currently available.

  • Blue Camouflage has an ideal blend to hide your line in blue or clear water (saltwater fishing). 
  • Green Camouflage works very well in freshwater applications - designed to hide your line around vegetation (rivers, lakes and ponds). 

Some of the great benefits of using braided line:

  • Superior winding technology eliminates line memory
  • Small diameter allows adding more line on the same spool size
  • Longer casting due to smooth coating (flows through fishing guides easier)
  • High sensitivity to fish bites with no stretch
  • Abrasion resistance - keep the same line season after season
  • Excellent knot strength, made with strongest PE fiber

Available lengths:

  • 300 yards
  • 500 yards
  • 1,000 yards
  • 2,000 yards

4 Strands PE provides high quality braided line without overpaying compared to other brands.



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